Free Backup Software vs. Free Online Backup

Why do you need backup software? The answer is because computer failures and crashes are a matter of ‘when’ and not ‘if’. So when the next crash happens you should be ready. Even you use the computer for home; you should know that it is important for you to protect your personal data by making backups of all your hard drives. With it, you can be sure that you are completely protected from data loss.

First off all, you need to remember that backing up your private data is a very important thing that you should always do. It is something that you should make a routine in order to protect your data from data loss.

Today anyone is able to do secure backups with absolutely no specific skills or knowledge of the high-tech industry thanks to the new generation of backup tools. Backup software makes creating data backups much easier than even copying a file or watching video DVD. When you are choosing solutions for backing up your critical computer files, there are two main ways you have. One is storing the backup files on CDs, DVDs or USB drives and the other is an online or remote backup service.

The fact that DVD and CD discs are much more stable than hard drives, you have to consider that backing up your files in DVDs or CDs is safer and will provide you with much more convenience. There is free backup software that you can download over the internet and install it in your computer. For example: Free Backup Mill. Basically, there are many free online backup services. Although it doesn’t really say that it is an online backup service, you can consider it to be so. You can try using your email account as your backup service as you can attach some important files and send it in your own email. This means that you will be able to have a copy of your files in the email.

Another good and recommended method to backup your important data is remote backups. As the name suggests, remote backup is backup store that you create in a remote computer. The concept of remote backup is just the same as online backup. However, it is important that you should not refer to it as the same. Remote backup is not online backup but is a part of it. It is where you save your file to another computer in real time.

When you are looking for backup software or service pay attention to five main features:

  • The first feature is that it will be able to backup and restore your entire machine.
  • The second is that it will be able to backup and restore your Outlook emails.
  • The third is that it will be able to backup your application settings.
  • The fourth is that it will let you backup and restore your music, pictures, documents, videos and other files.
  • The fifth backup feature is that it will enable you to backup and restore your data online.

So, if you want to better protect your important and critical data, you might want to back it up using any of the free backup software or free backup services.