Baltimore Ransomware – What you can learn

Recently the city of Baltimore, MD was hit with a large ransomware attack that has affected 10,000 city operated computer systems. Since the attack:

  • City employees have been locked out of their email
  • Citizens have been unable to make any municipal payments (utility bills, property taxes, tickets and court fees)
  • Real estate transactions have been brought to a halt (coming up on just over two weeks since the attack, the city announced a manual work-around)

Here are a few articles that provide a lot more information on this VERY serious situation.

During my years with SANS, one thing was constantly repeated as a mantra: “Prevention is ideal, detection is a must, detection without response is useless”.

Here is a list of things you must do in order to provide the highest probablity of surviving any type of cyber-attack. In the list we provide what you need to do and the services that MyRemoteSupportTech offers to help protect your I.T. infrastructure.

  • Backup Your Systems, Locally & In The Cloud (Offsite) – Backup and Recovery services
  • Segment Network Access
  • Early Threat Detection Systems – Network and Endpoint Security
  • Install Anti Malware / Ransomware Software – Managed Anti-Virus
  • Run Frequent Scheduled Security Scans – Remote Monitoring
  • Create Restore & Recovery Points
  • Train Your Employees and Educate Yourself – Security Awareness Training
  • Enforce Strong Password Security
  • Think before clicking – Phishing Testing (part of Security Awareness Training)
  • Setup Viewable File Extensions
  • Block Unknown Email Addresses and Attachments at the Mail Server – Spam Filtering
  • Add Virus Control at Mail Server – Email Security
  • Apply OS Patches – Patch Management OS
  • Apply Third-party Patches – Patch Management Third-Party
  • Block Vulnerable Plug-ins – Application Whitelisting
  • Limit Internet Connectivity
  • Have a Disaster Recovery Plan – Business Continuity and Disaster Planning

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