White House Hacked


Came across this interesting tidbit, October 29, 2014

First Heartland back in 2008/2009 with 100 million cards compromised and 650 financial institutions. Then came Target with 40 million, then Home Depot and JP Morgan with 74 million. Now  White house hacked by russians. As the article states "If the White House can get hacked, no one is safe."

Source: http://gizmodo.com/report-the-white-house-got-hacked-by-russians-1652184089, October 29, 2014

Interesting article on HACKING RSA 4096 Encryption

Most users do not use any form of computer encryption even though it is 1) readily available and 2) easily used.

From password keepers to emails to whole disk or even partial disk (folder) encryption a wide variety of products can offer simple and effective "protection" from others.

Here is an interesting article from Forbes magazine how one of the strongest encryption methods can be hacked.  Now do not take the simplistic explanation  and believe for a minute that it is as easy as they make it out to be.  It is a lot more involved and as the article points out, the microphone has to be near (or even inside I would think) in order to be effective.  In the future smartphone microphones might be sensitive enough to pick up the electronic background noise of the computer doing it's thing, but for now, I think we are pretty safe from this form of eavesdropping.


New CELL PHONE Services

Recently I have been receiving request for services on Cell Phones.  I have completed several educational courses and have successfully applied the knowledge to friends and family member devices. So starting June 10, 2013 I am now offering the following cell phone services. 
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Rearranging Thunderbird Mailboxes

I do lots of different things, both professionally and personally.  In the past ten years or so I have accumulated a lot of email addresses associated with me.  I have several related to different business ventures, I have one for family only, I have one for friends, I have one for my online gaming persona's, I have one for this, one for that and of course one for garbage/spam collection when some website ask for my email address and I am not sure if I want to release it or not.

I use Thunderbird (from Mozilla.org) as my email client.  I have been using it since it's inception. I have added email accounts, I have deleted email accounts and generally my quick access bar is in no kind of order.  It should would be nice to have all of my accounts in the order I want them and not in the order that they were setup. Read More

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